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Bob-O-Link Coffees:

It is a project developed by FAF, based on sustainable polyculture systems and organic farming. The farms produce high-quality coffee, under shade, but also fruits, vegetables, honey, wood and dairy products to guarantee a diversified income.

Why this name? The Bob-o-Link is a migratory bird from North America. The farms of this project have ideal habitats for this bird, and for this reason it also became its symbol.

To become a Bob-o-Link producer, you must respect the following rules

- Plant shade trees for the coffees and for the farm.

- Create irrigation canals to conserve water.

- Eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

- Install African beds and sorting machines on farms.

- Selective harvest by hand.

- Be interested in cupping and sensory analysis of their coffees.

- Have alternative crops.

- Install beehives

Our coffees Caparaó Bob-o-Link and Venda Nova Bob-o-Link are the tangible result of supporting small producers from Caparaó (on the border of Minas Gerais y Espírito Santo) and Venda Nova do Imigrante, in the mountains of the state of Espírito Santo.

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