Forquilha do Rio Anaerobic

Forquilha do Rio Anaerobic

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You have to try it!

In search of enhancing sweetness and acidity, we have applied a roast that highlights these unique aromas and flavors of pineapple, yellow fruits and a touch of mint. It is a perfect coffee for filtered methods.

After the harvest, the whole fruits are washed in a process where the defective fruits are removed and the ripe and healthy ones are preserved. These fruits are transferred to a closed carboy, between 27 and 29 degrees of temperature, and are removed 7 days later, when they are at a temperature of around 19 degrees. No yeast or microorganisms are added to the fermentation. The fruits are then dried in a covered patio for 15 days.

Yellow Caparaó is an autochthonous variety from the Pedra Menina/Espera Feliz area, right where the Forquilha do Rio site is located. It is a low plant, with bronzed leaves, great vigor and suitable for higher altitudes.



Specialty Coffee

100% Arabica

Harvest 2022/2023

Farm: Sítio Forquilha do Rio

Producer: José Alexandre Lacerda

Variety: Yellow Caparaó

Process: Natural + anaerobic fermentation.

Location: Espera Feliz/MG - Caparaó - 1,300m

Sensory: High acidity and sweetness. Complex. Notes of pineapple, yellow fruits, mint.